Agro-industrial holding Doronichi

Top 5
milk producers in Russia
For more than 90 years, the plant has been producing meat products that are supplied not only to branded stores, but also to large federal and international chains. The products are distinguished by traditional recipes and classic taste.
The agricultural holding’s own trademark, the products of which are positioned as «Own, native» and emphasize the status of full-cycle production from «field to plate».
A line of products from chilled meat, semi-finished products for frying and grilling from fresh meat from the agricultural holding’s own farms
Cooked sausages, bockwurst sausages, the recipe of which combines classic taste and traditional smoking recipe.
In the production of poultry meat under the Doronichi brand, the agricultural holding implements the principle from field to plate, exercising quality control at all stages from feed production to the production of finished products.
A line of chilled and frozen poultry products in the economy segment.
Products under the own brand FOODZAVOD are produced in family and group packages both for private consumers and for the HoReCa, b2b segment.
The NaturBuffet range includes dishes for all occasions — cheesecakes and cereals for breakfast, soups, salads and hot dishes for lunch, pancakes for dinner, as well as desserts.
All enterprises of the holding are integrated into the general production scheme
from field
to plate
Crop Production

Doronichi Agricultural Holding is a major landowner in the Kirov Region. 127 735 hectares of arable land are cultivated annually. Rye, barley, peas, wheat, and winter crops are being harvested. The agricultural holding uses soil-saving technologies, modern high-performance equipment, work is underway to develop and introduce fallow lands into crop rotation.

Feed Production

The Feed Mills operating within the structure of the Doronichi Agro-Industrial Holding, fully meets the needs of enterprises in high-quality feed, the raw material for the production of which is grain grown on their own farms. The volume of production in 2022 amounted to more than 206 000 tons.

Pig Breeding

Doronichi Agro-Industrial Holding is one of the leading pork producers in Russia. The agricultural holding has five commodity areas and one breeding and genetic center. There are 212 500 animals in total. 

In 2021, the pig-breeding complex of the agricultural holding was assigned the status of a large white breed breeding plant.

Dairy Farming

Dairy farms of the agricultural holding are created using modern technologies, which make it possible to achieve leading indicators in Russia every year. Doronichi is steadily included in the TOP-5 milk producers.

Within the structure of the holding, a dairy farm for 3,100 animals was created — one of the largest livestock complexes in the Volga Federal District, in which the first milking parlor in Russia for 100 places was arranged. Its capacity allows milking 2600 animals per day. The technology increases productivity, milk quality, keeps animals healthy, and also provides high hygienic conditions for milking. The resulting milk is supplied to processors in different regions of Russia.

Poultry Farming

Modern poultry enterprises within the structure of the agricultural holding have been established in two regions — in the Ulyanovsk and Kirov Regions. From the Ulyanovsk Region, the hatching eggs are delivered to feedlots in the Kirov Region. High-quality outdoor equipment is installed for keeping chickens and parent flocks, providing the necessary environment for their development. Poultry farms have become one of the links in a closed production chain.

Meat Processing

Kirov Meat Processing Plant is an enterprise with a 90-year history, which today is the flagship of the processing industry in the Kirov Region. The enterprise uses meat raw materials of its own production.

Kirov Meat Processing Plant is a supplier of a wide range of chilled meat, sausages, deli meats and canned food to regional and branded chains.

Broiler Poultry Meat Production

A new large-scale project has been launched at Doronichi Agro-Industrial Holding — a plant for the production of broiler poultry meat. The enterprise, built from scratch, is equipped with the latest equipment. Standards for sanitary rules of production have been developed and implemented. This investment project will provide the regional market with quality poultry products. Chilled products are delivered to the shelves of the branded distribution network and to other networks.

Production of Ready Meals

The unique FOODZAVOD, engaged in the production of culinary products and semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness, is the first enterprise in Russia to carry out a full cycle of production of ready meals.

Meals are produced using the «gentle languor» technology, which allows saving all the vitamins and useful elements. The company supplies the largest retailers in more than 44 regions of Russia. Products are present in many federal networks. 

Retail Network

Branded trading network «Doronichi. Meat. Milk. Poultry» unites 89 stores in the Kirov Region and 13 in the Komi Republic. The retail chain offers a wide range of fresh food products of its own production.

Crop Production
Arable land in 2022, ha
127 735
Feed Production
Feed production in 2022, thousand tons
Simultaneous storage of grain, tons
45 000
Pig Breeding
Simultaneous keeping of pigs, heads
212 500
Pork production in 2022, thousand tons
Dairy Farming
Gross milk yield in 2022,
thousand tons
Daily milk yield, tons
Poultry Farming
Production of hatching eggs, million pieces per year
Meat Processing
Production of meat products in 2022, thousand tons
Production of meat products per day, tons
Broiler Poultry Meat Production
Poultry meat production in 2022, thousand tons
Production of Ready Meals
Production of ready meals per year, tons
Plant areas, sq.m
Karl Marx Street, 4a
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